Mystic Bernese Mountain dogs was established in 1995 with our first Berner boy, Onyx Boomerang Flash, also known as “Boomer”.  He was a very special dog to us and was instrumental in our instantaneous love of the breed.  Boomer came to us from Jackie Smith of Onyx Bernese Mtn. dogs in Washington state.  He was a grandson of Dasso v Stadel and a son of Maximum Avalanche v Mtn Tops.  Though he was never shown in conformation, he was a champion in our hearts.  He had the sweetest disposition and was a willing participant in almost any activity.  He participated in both carting (draft tests) as well as agility.  Because of his size, he also became well known to the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston members as the dog to measure to purchase raffle tickets (head to tail)!  He lived to be just over 10 yrs. of age.  He was our “heart dog” and to this day, we still miss him terribly.